Benefits of a Tax Preparer Network

Are you an independent tax preparer looking to grow your book of business?

Are you interested in leveraging your existing client relationships to cross-sell additional services?

Could you benefit from access to professional tax preparation software, and an in-house team of tax attorneys and CPAs who can give your service professional-level expertise?

Consider joining the Nexus United network!

Nexus United works directly with independent tax preparers to give them the tools they need to successfully compete with national and regional tax preparation firms.

Bringing together thousands of tax preparation firms across the country, we are able to lower our member’s overhead expenses, help them provide a professional level of service to the clients, and give them valuable resources to take their tax offices to the next level!

Here are a few key benefits from joining the Nexus United network:

Joining Our Network Gives You Free Access To Professional Tax Preparation Software

Joining the Nexus United networks give your tax office free access to professional tax software that normally costs thousands of dollars for an independent preparer to license.

Available software includes Nexus Tax Software, Nexus M.O.M, TaxWise, TaxSlayer, ProSeries, CrossLink, and QuickBooks.

Our Law Group Can Handle Complex Tax-Related Legal Questions

Membership in the Nexus United networks provides your tax office with access to our law network. This will supercharge your firm with tax law advisors who can help you solve any complex tax law questions from your clients.

National and regional tax firms have their own legal advisors, why shouldn’t you? A team of quality legal advisors is key to bringing your firm on par with larger competitors.

Our In-House CPAs Can Help You Answer Complex Tax Questions From Clients

Along with legal advisors, membership in our networks gives you access to our in-house CPAs. For tax preparers without a CPA background, this can be an invaluable service when it comes to clients with complex accounting questions.

This access will again give your firm the professional expertise needed to compete with tax preparers with a CPA background.

Our Training Will Teach You How To Increase Income Via Multiple Revenue Streams

Membership in Nexus United can not only help your tax office today, but can give you the training required to grow your business and reach your goals!

Nexus United’s training includes software training, business/process improvement training, as well as leadership training to help you develop your practice into a full-fledged office.

Our training can also open the door to additional ways to increase income via multiple income streams.

There are many additional income opportunities for a tax office:

  • Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Certification
  • Credit Repair
  • Digital Marketing
  • Insurance (E&O, Life, P&C, Health)
  • Outsourced HR
  • Payroll

A tax preparation business is a great springboard to provide multiple services to small businesses. If you have already developed relationships with clients regarding your tax services, you are one step closer to providing them with additional value-added services.

Joining Nexus United also gives you the ability to become a channel partner.

Becoming a channel partner provides you with additional opportunities, either as a Business Partner (teaming up to provide additional services to your clients), Consultant Partner (partnering with us to market B2B services) or as a Referral Partner (earn commissions by bringing in additional members into the Nexus United network).

Joining Nexus United not only benefits your current tax preparation activities, but opens the door to additional streams of income for your business.

We Have Partnered With All Major Software Providers To Get Our Member Immediate Refunds

Our partnerships with ALL major tax software providers enables us to provide immediate refunds to our tax offices and their clients.

This is one area in which larger tax offices can have an advantage over the independent operator. Joining Nexus United removes this barrier to your success by bringing your firm on par with national and regional leaders in the space.

Nexus United 

Thousands of preparers have benefited from the growth opportunities opened up via membership in the Nexus United network.

Membership in our network provides you with access to ALL major tax preparation software, enabling you to minimize operating costs and capital requirements.

Nexus United’s legal counsel and in-house CPAs will give your office professional level expertise that put your services on par with national and regional competitors.

Our training not only will help you optimize your existing tax preparation business, but open the door to multiple streams of revenue (accounting, bookkeeping, credit repair, digital marketing, insurance, HR, and payroll services.

Our strong relationships with ALL major tax software providers ensures you can provide your clients with immediate refunds, another strong selling point to grow your service.

Nexus United gives you the consulting, resources, training, and other business support needed to reach your objectives sooner rather than later.

Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your current tax preparation business and see if Nexus United can help take your firm to the next level!

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