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There are several steps that you can take to reduce risk during tax season but none as beneficial as tax preparer training. Tax preparation business is not like other industries because you have a very short window of time to really drive your revenue. Taking every step that you can to prepare for this crucial […]

Every year getting geared up for tax season is a challenge for preparers unless they have one easy to use tax preparation training program that provides the information and support they need. Of course ideally the training will be offered in different modalities to suit the needs of your staff. It can be a challenge […]

Having a tax preparation business that is successful largely depends on having the right tax preparation tool at your disposal. Most clients are looking for an expedited experience that is error free. Having the right tools is the only way you can meet client demand. Making sure that your office moves along like a well-oiled […]

For independent tax professionals, or tax professionals working in independent offices, finding a way to compete against large tax firms is often a top priority. Nexus United is a network of highly skilled tax professionals who offer tips, strategies, methods and tools that can be incredibly valuable in this area. September 2, 2015 It’s broadly […]