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Software Training

We have been in your position. We know that knowledge is key, but more important is the experience on how to apply it properly and the tools required to achieve this goal. We will work together to help you gain that expertise.

Our training modalities:

  • On site (tailored to your needs)
  • Open trainings (on specific dates and locations)
  • Web trainings (virtual classes)
  • Pre-recorded trainings (courses are recorded in a CD or file to be

Our income tax preparation courses are available in English and in Spanish.

Business Improvement

Businesses exist if they can satisfy their customers with their products and services. In order to get client satisfaction businesses must improve continuously as the customer needs, wants and perceptions change from time to time. New services or products are offered from current and new competitors, quality issues arise, prices go down and costs go up. The approach to get a good grip on these factors is what is called Business Improvement.
The Business Improvement process consists of looking inside an organization to find which improvements are needed, when they should be implemented, and how to accomplish them to obtain the desired benefits.

Let our team help you select and apply the most appropriate Business Improvement initiative for your organizational culture.


The potential success of any organization lies on its leaders, whether it is a government agency, a non-profit organization, an enterprise, a small business or a sports team.

Every organization must have a vision, a mission and goals and a leader must provide the guidance through the path to success. The continuous changes to industries, markets and politics as well as globalization make this path difficult to design leading to a challenge, decision making under uncertainty; thus, the potential resistance to change.

Let us help you be a better leader. The success of the organization you lead depends on your leadership skills.