Nexus provides everything you need to offer bank products, a popular and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers options to pay fees with their refund. We offer several bank partners and products, at no additional cost to you.

slide3Direct Deposit Check (DDC)- This type of product goes by various names, depending on the provider: Bonus check or RT(Refund Transfer). This product is not a loan, but it allows you to print a check for the taxpayer in your office or have it deposited in your client’s bank account as soon as the refund is received at the bank. Tax preparation fees can be withheld from the check and direct deposited into your account.

State DDC – Handle each client’s state refund the same way as federal refunds. You can print the check for that refund in your office or have it direct deposited into the client’s bank account.

Prepaid/Debit Cards – Give client refunds in the form of a prepaid or debit card (rather than a check). Products and details vary by provider.

bankimg1(1)EPS Financial – EPS financial is a bank product processor that offers flexible and innovative electronic payment systems to the tax industry. By partnering with EPS, you can provide your clients more choices and value. The tax industry changes every year because of shifts in consumer behavior, tax law, regulation and technology. Uncertainty in the industry limits the number of companies providing innovation solutions. This environment allows unchallenged growth for companies that seek to provide innovative solutions. EPS financial helps tax preparers and tax software developers offer such innovation, by breaking down barriers to entering the bank products market. Whether traditional bank products’, innovative financial services or prepaid card programs, EPS can integrate them into your business.

Republic Bank & Trust Company – With over 15 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank Refund Solutions is one of the leading national providers of refund Transfers (RTs). Republic Bank is partnered with several major tax software providers and thousands of professional tax preparation offices across the country. Each tax season, millions of customers choose a refund Transfer from Republic Bank to receive their refund quickly and conveniently while paying tax preparation and other fees with their refund.

 Refundo – Tax professionals like you, who demand great technology, personable customer service and awesome products, choose Refundo. Leading the pack on the technology front, Refundo provides tax professionals with a bank product processing platform that is par none. Refundo provides 3 disbursement options for your client: check, direct deposit and the refund prepaid Visa. We partner with leading financial institutions so your customers can cash their check for $7 or less nationwide. Refundo also provides credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover) for only 2.9%+30C per transaction. New for 2014, our DASH mobile app (available on iphone and android) will help you monitor you business on the go and receive important information right to your phone in real-time. The only question left to ask now is, “Do You Refundo?”

bankimg2River City Bank – River City Bank is part of a banking family that has been serving bank customers for over 100 years. Its philosophy has always been to offer products people want, charge a reasonable fee and treat people fairly with the best services possible. For 20 years River City has been working in the tax preparation industry, supplying band products to EROs and their customers.

Tax Products Group, LLC – Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) was established in 2010 upon purchasing the Tax Products Group of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. Building on a legacy of over 20 years of industry leadership, TPG, in cooperation with its banking partners, offers quality financial products to the e-file industry that satisfy consumer’s needs, are priced fairly and provide true value. TPG has established a reputation for superior customer service and product reliability by investing in long-term relationships and providing tax professionals with a program to help retain and grow business for years to come.

Refund Advantage –at Refund Advantage, our management team has been industry leaders in the tax refund product business since 1989, which means you have experience you can trust on your side during tax season. We work exclusively with independent EROs, where you are our priority. We are committed to providing you and your customers the best refund product experience possible. Our focus is personalized service, with state-of –the –art technology providing customizable reports, powerful marketing tools, personalized client retention postcards, extensive taxpayer support option, affordable check cashing, and many other solutions to help grow your business and compete with the national chains. Choose from our tax refund product programs and experience the advantage of Refund Advantage!