At Nexus United, we work directly with our clients and provide powerful tools to help them compete successfully with local and national tax firms; attracting new clients ultimately building the ideal tax company.

At Nexus United, we work directly with our clients and provide powerful tools to help them compete successfully with local and national tax firms attracting new clients ultimately building the ideal tax company. Our network resources enables our clients to compete on a level playing field with highly competitive and other credible tax practices without reinventing the wheel or paying costly franchise fees or royalties. Our FREE client assessment will illuminate the positive possibilities and resources needed to make our client’s dream their reality.

At Nexus United, our mission is to bring together thousands of tax offices and utilize the strength of that united group to provide unparalleled support services, marketing opportunities, financial savings and easy access to loans for continued business growth. After several years of helping tax professionals achieve their dreams, Nexus United has developed an arsenal of proven strategies and solutions to help take tax businesses to the next level. At Nexus United, business owners are able to tap into the experience of fellow entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that. While no one knows a business better than its owner, the Nexus network provides resources, fresh approaches, ideas and perspectives to help reach company objectives more quickly.”

1. Tax Preparation Support – Premium Nexus United Inc. – Members have access to our toll free “Tax Preparation Support” hotline where seasoned tax professionals answer questions for your tax professionals in your office or network.
    2. Tax Software Support – Nexus United Inc. Members have access to our toll free “Tax Software Support” hotline.
3. Legal Support – Premium Nexus United Inc. have access to Network Attorneys and/or enrolled agents to consult on matters that pertain to litigation and the IRS.
4. Operational Review– Network United Inc. Members may request an “off-season” diagnosis of their current operations. These analysis provides suggestions for record keeping , Marketing strategies, Compliance, Employee Performance, etc.
5. Financial Support – Premium members of Nexus United Inc. may qualify for business loans up to $150,000 after 2 years of membership.

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Tax Prep & CRM Software

Your customers have reduced lobby wait time. Your customers gets immediate answers since data is quickly retrievable.

Business Consulting Services

Our business consultants emphasize what needs to be done and how to address critical problems in a company,

Bank Products

Nexus provides everything you need to offer bank products, a popular and easy way to add revenue to your tax season, while giving your customers options to pay fees with their refund.

Income Tax Preparation Training Program

We have been in your position. We know that knowledge is key, but more important is the experience on how to apply it properly and the tools required to achieve this goal. We will work together to help you gain that expertise.

Cash Flow Help...If You Need It. When You Need It

We have great news for returning and new clients! Nexus United, Inc. has increased the In-Season Fee Advance amount that is available to improve cash flow at the start of tax season. We also added Pre-Season Advances available December 1 to help with software, office startup & promotional expenses. You have the flexibility of choosing what you need!”






Kimberly W.-Instant Taxes
Nexus United was introduced to me by a friend. I’ve been in the tax business for a long time now and I was starting to feel like it was saturated. It seems like there is a tax office on every corner. I was no longer in love with the business and started thinking about selling. My friend convinced me to give Nexus United a try and I’m glad I did. They listened to everything I had to say and they were able to help me come up with a new marketing strategy that undoubtedly helped separate my office from the rest. I’m grateful to them not only for the work they do but for helping restore my love in the business.
Gary C.- MtsTaxes
Nexus United, where do I start? That is one group of exceptional professionals. They listen and they care. They cared about my success as much as I did. They supported me in various ways, they answered software questions as well as tax questions. Their team is made up of agents who are knowledgeable and professional. Nexus United definitely will have a returning client in me
Sammy S.- Tax USA Foresthill FL
I was so impressed with Nexus United this year. I was not prepared at all for TY 2013 and I’m almost sure that without their help I would have never made it through the season. The level of support they gave my staff and I was nothing short of remarkable. They did not just sell us software and disappear; they were with us through the entire season. They helped get our front desk and client check-in process set up, they got us up-to-date filing forms, and best of all the helped us with advertising. They had a team of reliable and professional vendors for all of our needs. By the time Nexus United was fully on board we almost forgot about our late start. The Nexus United team is truly the best
Rose J- Tax USA Palm Bay FL
I’ve been in the tax business for 10+ years and Nexus United is the first team I’ve encountered that does the work they do. Nexus United helped me get my struggling tax office back on track and moving in the right direction. They financed our expansion project a project that would have been impossible without Nexus United. They helped me with just about everything from going paperless to save money, to helping with the hiring process, to drawing up a new marketing strategy. Nexus United helped me save my business and they now have a life time client. Thanks again guys.
Frantz J- Tax USA Cocoa Beach FL
As a first year Nexus United client I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went into the season a bit apprehensive for a few reasons but I must admit that the level of support I received from Nexus United blew me out of the water. They were always there ready and willing to help. Being with Nexus United makes me feel like a have a family behind me supporting me and rooting for me. They made me feel like they really wanted me to succeed. I look forward to many more seasons with Nexus United by my side
Alex V- Providential Taxes
I have been a Nexus United client for a few years now and every year gets better. From the beginning Nexus United has provided my office with unparalleled service and support. They are always a phone call away to answer tax questions, system questions, and even some daily operation questions. They don’t just sell software, they help get you moving in the right direction will be there every step of the way. My Nexus United team is the best in the industry.
Trevor B- Tax USA South
Its seldom you come across a group of honest individuals who genuinely want to help. I became a Nexus United two seasons ago and I maintain my stand when I say there is no one out there doing what Nexus United is doing. Not only do they do what they do well but they do it with a sense of dignity and integrity. I’ve purchased software before but never have I gotten the support Nexus United has giving me through the years as their client. They are a superb group of professionals and will serve as an asset to anyone looking to succeed in this business


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